Perfumes For Women: My Cosmic Collection

Surreptitiously stowed at the corner of my bedroom lies a box packed with around sixty fragrances (the last time I checked a few months ago).  

It is justifiably a hobby as opposed to an obsession as when a new bottle is launched, I’m immediately drawn to it from the swaying advertisements. Okay, maybe an obsession…

I’d favour a sweet fragrance costing £30 than a new dress any day – which doesn’t really make sense as my wardrobe is desperately lacking a revamp.

10 years later, I’m still unsure as to when this fixation happened. What started off with one bottle quickly excelled to another and another and then another. A collection of iconic brands and scents from the stars, I’m hooked to how a few spritz can make me feel.

Feeling like a cheat to the fragrances which didn’t get shortlisted, here are my must-have perfumes for women.

Giorgio Armani Si perfume

  1. Giorgio Armani Si Eau de Parfum 

To me, a perfume says a lot about a person’s character. By rocking an infamous designer brand, you’re radiating ambition, determination and sophistication.

This is dubious to every perfume connoisseur, but in actuality, even novices can distinguish an expensive scent to an obsolete version. Take Si for example. People will probe you with questions on what you’re wearing, because the scent is so captivating. Lingering to your clothes, hair and skin for hours – even the day after a party – it leaves a trail of sophistication detectable to others.

Most perfumes for women come with a hefty price tag, and this is up there. Setting you back around £40 for a mere 30ml, it will definitely add the ‘special’ to any occasion.

Ariana Grande Ari perfume

  1. Ari by Ariana Grande 

If this world superstar can belt a high note and make it look easy, then creating a perfume with a beautiful scent is nothing.

Gratefully, I received this as a birthday present and haven’t left it alone since. This comes in an elegant, pink, crystallised bottle with a white fluffy ball attached, so it looks great uncaged and on a dressing table.

With one spritz, you’re overcome with acute nostalgia of gardens with fresh flowers and happy memories from when you wore it last. Ariana’s debut fragrance offers notes of pear, raspberry, orchid, lily, rose and grapefruit – giving it that signature smell.

Dolce and Gabbana The One perfume

  1. The One by Dolce & Gabbana 

This isn’t the latest version of Dolce & Gabbana’s range for women, as it comes in a petite frame filled with a gold liquid. But it will always be at the top of my list of my favourite perfumes for women.

I first discovered this sophisticated gem when my sister-in-law would wear it for special occasions, each time asking “What are you wearing?” The answer was always The One.

Don’t you just love a perfume that smells different each time you wear it- customising its odour to your outfit and outing? It’s the ultimate accessory for a glamorous night out.

Words don’t do this perfume justice; smelling is believing. But its combination of amber with a slight tobacco and ginger aroma means it’s always at the top of my perfume treasure box.

Perfumes For Women: My Cosmic Collection

  1. Britney Spears, Midnight

If you’re an admirer of sweet smells, then Britney Spears’s Midnight is a must have for you. I’m not organised but everything, but as soon as the magical liquid reaches its half way point, I’m traipsing to Boots to stock up.

For most perfumes, this would be a pricey habit, but at around £20 for 1000ml, it fits everyone’s budget.

Britney has launched a handful of other perfumes, but this one stands out by a mile – and my friends support its sexy tones too!

Its fuse of black cherries and a sweet richness scores this at a confident number four and even though it’s been six years since I was introduced to this beauty, it’ll always smell like a new buy each time I unleash its fragrance. Perfect for days out.

Perfumes For Women: My Cosmic Collection

  1. Rebelle by Rihanna 

Last but not least is the Barbados beauty’s bottle. Amongst all of her other creations, I prefer this one.

It has an honest appeal thanks to its dark undertones and top notes for strawberry and ginger. At the bottom of the ingredients list is musk, coffee, amber and patchouli. During its release, it was everything the beauty realm was missing. Women needed a smell which wasn’t too harsh but left a reminder of its classy character.

Still to this day, it’s close to my heart with its whirls of charisma and attitude all crammed into one stylish bottle. It’s feminine and strong without being too overpowering.

So there you have it. It wasn’t easy to create this shortlist of my favourite perfumes for women, but as a wannabe-smell-buff, these all have a special place in my monumental box.

Have you tried any of the above perfumes? Let me know in the comments below, or feel free to share your secrets to choosing the right smell to complete any outfit.


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