The Best London Hotel For Nomads

Me and my partner relish flocking around the globe and for the fourth time in the past year, we roved to the UK’s capital.

To revel our private invitation for Friends Fest, we decided to spend our night at M by Montcalm. Here’s my story about the best London hotel and how it left us spellbound.

M by Montcalm

Around a £10 Uber ride away from Leicester Square, juts the hotel on City Road. During your ride, you get to soak up London’s prehistoric culture mixed with new, independent cafes.

Any millennial will be overwhelmed with elation as soon as they open the double doors of M by Montcalm. It has the temperament of a top-tier diner. All that was missing was a piano player to accompany the mood. White tiled floors perfectly magnetised the crystallised, intertwining lighting, dangling over our heads. You couldn’t just bypass its beauty.

The Best London Hotel For Nomads

The moment the double doors blocked out the busy London streets, I was absorbed in my temporary luxury surroundings. Meanwhile, cleaners were wiping down already-spotless glass railings; it was an honest welcoming.

I’ve been working less than two years; how do I belong here amongst suited men and stylish receptionists?

The Room At M By Montcalm

Overawed with a mixture of excitement and nerves that our room wouldn’t live up to the charisma downstairs, we fumbled with the white electric key. With the consent of a beep, we were in without any fuss. Plus, the corridors were brimming with blue lights shooting low and serenity. The results on the other side of the door seemed propitious.

Entering a new hotel room is one of my favourite things in the world. That immediate rush when you don’t know what to expect on the other side of the door is unrivalled. (I limit my investigation on the net to heighten the surprise).

The Best London Hotel For Nomads

It was simple and stylish. The bed looked homey – and this is coming from a budding bed elitist with fastidious tastes. There were enough blacks, browns and creams to make it modern and inject character, whilst not be tacky.

The room was spacious for two of us; one could be working at the glass black desk (we rarely take a day off even on our ‘days off’), whilst the other lies sprawled out on the recliner chair, watching the TV with a mirrored frame.

The Best London Hotel For Nomads

The bathroom was welcoming, clean and had a modern temperament. Though, it was a disappointment that we were landed the disabled unit. Ordinarily, it wouldn’t be a problem, but the bath was shallow as a result, which meant no relaxing soak for us. Still, I’m not a complainer.

Pristine white tiles, a light-up magnifying makeup mirror and shelf to easily stow our essentials. Inclusive in our stay was a surprise toothbrush and toothpaste. Things like this go a long way in making a guest feel settled.

The Best London Hotel For Nomads

By night-time, the bedroom was an eclipse, but with a lazy click of the tablet, you can open the curtains without shifting out of bed (plus, it’s way too snug to move).

There were quirky gadgets dotted about everywhere. Never before have I known a hotel to genuinely care about their customers like these guys do. They provided a phone with free calls and internet you can take out of the hotel. There was an asterisks next to the words ‘international calls’, but this was irrelevant to us anyway. We were genuinely shocked that this was complimentary. Maybe there’s a hefty fee should you take it and not return it. However, it was still generous.

Phone in M by Montcalm London Hotel

There was a handy docking station for you to charge it up when you return to your room. It’s liberal and genuinely heart-warming, because we’ve all been in a situation where we forgot our charger or ran out of data and couldn’t inform relatives we’re safe.

In the digital era we exist in, you wouldn’t think we’d be so pleasantly surprised by the speedy internet. But with bad experiences in the past, this connection was superfast and didn’t glitch at all. With my partner being a full-time social media influencer and myself a budding travel blogger, this is a valuable component to choosing somewhere to stay. Not once did we have to resort to 3G indoors.

Peering through the curtains, this stunning hotel overlooks roofs and the turmoil of residents and workers 15 floors below.

An aromatic sensor spritz wonderful smells so you’ve always got a fresh aroma to your room. Another handy touch.

Blissful Bar in M by Montcalm

You can never go wrong with a nightcap when you’re holidaying. Tonic and Remedy is a flamboyant den where visitors can pay homage to bespoke cocktails and a few hours getaway. We were abstinent from alcohol and opted for a few refreshing Diet Coca-Colas, but it certainly didn’t impede our enjoyment.

With a mixture of high seats near the windows, or comfy couches near the entrance, it caters to whatever mood you’re in. At around 11pm, people were ordering tapas, sipping cocktails and even one guy was zoned into his laptop.

It’s the kind of bar where you feel respected by the staff. Drinks delivered to you without asking and quick service made us feel at ease.

Visiting M by Montcalm

This gem has definitely earned another stay from us in the near future. One night simply wasn’t enough to make use of M by Montcalm’s amenities; the spa being one of them. I’m not sure if it’s the volatile British weather or that we’ve never known such generous luxuries, but lamentably, we didn’t bring a bikini to immerse in their luxury Jacuzzi and sauna.

The Best London Hotel For Nomads

Consequently, we missed out the blissful spa with a communal pool and Jacuzzi, which was big enough for around six people. The serene room offers a tranquil treat with soft blue lighting and candles in lanterns to give the illusive that you’re overseas.

We can’t wait to return and upgrade suites. Who knows what’ll bring us here next time.


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