One Night’s Stay at The Dakota Hotel, Edinburgh

The field of work I’m in often requires a short stay in a hotel around the United Kingdom. When I found out I’d be travelling to Edinburgh to meet a client, I was filled with two emotions: anxiety for the long travel and excitement to visit a new city.

Instead of my car and eyes working overtime to drive over 400 miles in one day, I decided to research boutique hotels in Edinburgh, South Queensferry, at a reasonable price. The Dakota hotel stood out due to its location, price and modern manner. Here are a few reasons why you should stay at this 4-star hotel too.

You Get Treated like Royalty

I like to live a lavish lifestyle, but given the choice, I’d opt for sweats over a designer dress, just because I’m a laid-back girl. Arriving in a beanie hat, with breakouts from the McDonald’s earlier and clothes that evidently were for comfort and not style, I reached the check-in desk.

The staff were so warm and friendly and the check-in process lasted no longer than 10 minutes. With the dim blue lights and calm atmosphere, I couldn’t wait to take the lift to my room.

Within seconds of telling my name, the computer brought up information about the type of room I wanted and how long my stay was; some hotels need to ask further questions and wait for their computer to load to action your stay. After a 200-mile drive, I appreciated the friendliness and speed of the check-in process.

If you book an Executive Double Room, you get access to the Executive Lounge with a complimentary drink of champagne and edibles of the chef’s speciality. Attempting to jazz up my attire despite a limited wardrobe, I threw on my heels and teamed it with rushed eyeliner and lip-gloss.

The Executive Lounge had dim lighting, comfy sofas and a private bar. Only accessible by a special key, it was secluded from the rush of the world. A member of staff instantly greeted me with a glass of bubbly and made several appearances to ensure I had everything needed. It’s this level of service that makes you feel like you’re important and not invisible.

You could refer to me as being abstinent from alcohol which meant I had no idea what type of wine to drink – other than the sweetest you could get. My personal bartender recommended a glass which was exactly what I’d described, and for a minimal price too. It really was so good!

Never in my life have I been arm’s length from oysters, salmon and beetroot nibbles and fishy croquettes; it’s not something you ordinarily whip up in the kitchen or can afford to risk in a restaurant. Being offered these just by choosing the type of room gave me an opportunity to taste a once-in-a-lifetime style of food.

The Room Is Quiet and Cosy

Lighting and furniture can make or break a room. Luckily, this room was leagues better than previous ones I’ve spent a night in. The well-placed spotlights clouded my day of driving far and ensured the ‘office area’ was well-lit, whilst the bed was a little darker to allow your partner to relax whilst you’re hard at work. The mood lighting is perfect to de-stress from a business trip or a long getaway with your partner; it’s romantic, serene and peaceful.

The tranquil theme continues to the well-matched furniture and walls. Chocolate brown walls accent the feeling of relaxation and perfectly compliment the sophisticated furniture.

If you are staying for business (like I did), you can easily get a few hour’s work completed with the fast, complimentary Wi-Fi and comfortable chair and desk. Thanks to the wide corridors, you aren’t disturbed by any passers-by and the spacious rooms give you ample opportunity to conduct e-mails without hearing a peep from your neighbours.

My nature of business means I’m needed online the majority of my waking hours, so having plug sockets easily assessable and a welcoming desk with pen and paper to hand was much appreciated.

Location Is Handy  

If you rely on your Sat Nav for anything out of a 10-mile radius from your home (like me!), you’ll appreciate the bright blue lights of Dakota obviously positioned on the hotel when you reach the roundabout.

It’s easy to get to and only around 30 minutes from Edinburgh’s city centre – perfect for tourists. Not only is it easy to get to, but there is a Franky and Benny’s right on the doorstep for a delicious, warm meal before bed. Bordering the restaurant is a handy Tesco Superstore for your everyday morning needs. Attached is a petrol station which comes in incredibly handy if you’re driving afar or are ill-prepared with your petrol. Once you arrive at this stunning hotel, finding a parking space is easy and it’s on-site so if you’re carrying multiple bags, the trip to the door is extremely short (and less sweaty!).

If you find yourself flying into Edinburgh airport, take advantage of their complimentary airport travel service (how amazing is that!). Take a 10-minute train journey into the city centre too with a train station close by and explore its beautiful surroundings. About a 10-minute drive away stands two of the most beautiful bridges I’ve ever seen: the Queensferry crossing and Forth bridge. Definitely take advantage of the stunning views it provides if you have the opportunity to drive across one.

Hopefully next time, I can make the most of the amenities within this city and get to explore the culture a lot more. Thank you, Dakota, for my wonderful short stay; I’m sure it won’t be the last you’ll see of me.

Amy x



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