Where Should I Travel?

Exploring new cities, cultures and gazing at unforgettable views is one of my favourite things in the world. The idea of not discovering new islands and scoping otherworldly landscapes terrifies me, so much so that I’m quickly growing impatient about continuing my travels.

From white-sand beaches and historic baroque buildings to skyscrapers, there are still so many places left to mark my milestone before I retire from travelling. After one month of returning from New York, my browser history is already overfilled with holiday websites.

Travelling Is Addictive

Where Should I Travel?

Travelling is addictive; once you have a taste, you want more and more. When you’re looking at eccentric views, there’s a feeling inside you that nothing compares. You want that feeling over and over, and when you arrive back home, you’re already searching for the next place.

I think we’re all closet travellers, just not all of us have accumulated a taste yet. If you haven’t had the opportunity to venture out of your hometown, make time for it. Now, I’m not suggesting to jet to the other side of the world, or even overseas; inhale the magnificence of your own country. Familiarise yourself with the closest city to you. Book a hotel in an area you’ve always wanted to visit, but never got round to. Make it happen. If financing your holiday is the issue, budget yourself. Do what you have to do to make it happen.

Where To Travel Next?

Where Do I Travel Next?

Whilst most say that if money wasn’t an option they’d be travelling every day, my story is a little different. Travelling and holidaying are two opposite things. Coming back to our puppy, Rosie, and resting in our own bed is equally as thrilling as the balcony views and photo-friendly panoramas on the other side of the world. Spending a week away from home is more than enough time for us to fill our hearts with new memories and plenty of time to miss Netflix and the comfort of our own home.

So, as I’m reminded by Timehop of my holidays last year, I’m left pondering over where to explore next. There are places that won’t exist forever (the Maldives is predicted to be completely submerged in 30 years), so I don’t want to sit around and left the world pass me by.

Where Do I Travel Next?

Given that most of my past ventures have been boisterous and powered by coffee and adrenaline, it’d be a wonderful change to replace that madness with pure tranquillity. Most people voyage overseas to unwind and ditch work, so it’d be interesting to try this and awake to waves rather than the hustle and bustle of a city.

At the moment, my Facebook is overflowed with images and videos of travellers jetting off all over the world. TV channels are boasting the best places to visit for a romantic getaway and there are masses of websites flaunting the perfect destinations for a break abroad. But can you rely on people’s Instagram pictures to capture what these places really look like? And obviously, these hotel sites will manipulate and enhance the images to lure you into going there.

But who can you actually trust to provide authentic information on where to travel? Maybe it’s all about taking the risk and forming your own opinions of these places.

Where Do I Travel Next?

Europe is ram-packed with all-inclusive beach destinations and it’s a short flight from England. Greece, Spain, France, Germany and Sweden are just a few on my bucket list. One minute I’m on a romantic streak and yearning for tropical climates and white beaches, the next I’m visualising a weekend getaway to Ibiza.

There are many factors to consider when booking a holiday away, such as finances, temperature, cultural differences, food and flight duration. Splurging out on a destination which will bring you back to life and give you memories forever isn’t a bad thing, but disliking what you show up to is devasting. More than anything, I have an appetite for a private hideaway, with clear water in sight from the hotel and a cocktail in my hand.

Can you recommend a country filled with scenic beauty? Please let me know.

Amy x


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