A Must-Have Perfume For Every Girl

Giorgio Armani’s Si ranks high in my perfume family. Having rationed my first bottle for two years, it was time to make my second purchase.

Whilst sifting through the shelves in Boots and pondering over the original Si or their newest version, Passione, I decided to stick with my first love (though, that’s also one to add to my perfume bucket list). Not spritzing myself with perfume before leaving the house is like walking out watch-less or forgetting your earrings.

Here are a few reasons why you’ll fall in love with it and forgive the £71 price tag.


Si Notes

For those of you who haven’t ever tested their eau de parfum, its top notes are Sicilian Bergamot, Mandarin Oil, Liquer de Cassis, whilst the base notes are a combination of amber, blond woods, patchouli oil and vanille absolute.

Intertwined together, it creates a capturing scent which lingers on the skin the entire day. It’s heavy and powerful, so you might want to avoid wearing it for an early Monday meeting, interview or walk with the dog. Its heart bursts with amber and musky undertones which is my favourite aspect of this Si perfume.

There’s never a time I wear it where it doesn’t leave a trail on my clothes the next day. Just four sprays have enough character and presence to smell delicious.


It’s a sophisticated smell with a lot of power to it, which is why I save it for special occasions. I deem it appropriate for a celebratory meal, cocktails with friends and it makes an appearance on my Christmas outings given that it makes me feel so great.

You see, ladies, a perfume can work wonders for your self-esteem and vamping your sense of style when you have little to wear or no time to get ready. This is definitely a go-to if you often feel like you need that ‘something else’ to top your attire but are lacking a crystal bracelet, earrings or a designer watch. Plus, it’s playfully seductive making it an appropriate accessory to date-night.


How a bottle is presented to us dictates our decision to buy. Its box is clean and simple and homes the bottle perfectly. The pastel pink box is perfectly harmonized with the gold and black text to make it feel like this isn’t a purchase that anyone can make.

You aren’t cheated with how much spray remains, because thanks to the transparent bottle, you can keep tabs on how much is left without reaching the last few dregs and then panicking. Not only is this incredibly practical, but the goldish liquid is a tribute to the modern-day woman. The fragrance speaks for itself and they don’t need any crystal gimmicks to tease people into buying it.

The black lid plays on the duality between simplicity and strength. It boldly crowns the bottle and gives it a timeless feel. The cap mirrors the colour of the bottle for any of its sister fragrances, so you’ll find a baby pink cap for the blush bottle and a midnight black for the black bottle too.

When I first spotted Si at The Perfume Shop, it was its rounded edges, array of colours and font which made me lay eyes on it. From there on, it’s been carefully stowed in my perfume box and only makes an appearance on a special occasion.

Have you ever tried Si? Let me know if you agree!


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